Proposal Development

January 10, 2011

First 25 Questions

1)      What kinds of food do the refugees eat?

2)      How often do they eat Indian food?

3)      If they eat Indian food, do they like it?

4)      How do they get their food?

5)      How often do they shop for food?

6)      What kinds of foods are available in their city?

7)      Is there a lot of fresh produce?

8)      Do they eat the fresh produce?

9)      What kinds of meat are available? (since yak is not available)

10)   What is their kitchen like?

11)   Are they restricted in what they can/cannot cook because of their kitchen?

12)   What kinds of restaurants are in the city?

13)   Do residents of the city eat out often?

14)   How many meals do they eat in one day?

15)   How large are the meals?

16)   What time do they eat?

17)   What do they drink with their meals?

18)   Are there foods they eat out of tradition despite the availability of the food?

19)   Are there foods they only eat on special occasions?

20)   Are there foods they absolutely do not eat because of religious or other reasons?

21)   How do they store their food?

22)   Are they able to store foods that need to be chilled?

23)   Does the rainy season affect their ability to keep some foods?

24)   Is there Western food available in their city?

25)   Do they eat the Western food or do only tourists eat it?


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