I’ve been trying to get ready for this field study in other ways then just my proposal. This includes getting my plane ticket lined up as well as my visa. My visa is completely done, except for my proof of address. I should be getting my utility bill in the mail soon so then I can copy it and send in my visa application.

My course contracts are still in the works. I have a Sociology of International Development contract all lined up. I’m trying to get an Anthropology of Development class lined up, but the professor isn’t sure if she wants to work with me. She’s not sure if this class will be the best for me to take while I’m in the field. She’s concerned that it will be too much work while I’m trying to conduct my field research. I’m also trying to get a research class lined up. I have some readings my professor has used in the past, but I’m trying to find some other readings about Tibetan and Indian cultures. I don’t know any credible sources so far, but I’m still looking.

These course contracts are proving to be more difficult than I expected. I’m not used to setting something up on my own. I’m going to continue working on them, however, because I have to have ten credits of coursework while I’m in the field.


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