This morning I went to the Inquiry Conference and listen to Vice-President Roger’s talk “Learning About Others and About Self”.

First, she wanted to address inquiry which she defined as extracting meaning from experience. She also said that we start inquiring because we’re curious and this curiosity must be nurtured. However, we must also have humility and realize that we don’t know everything and that it is very important to learn to say “I don’t know”.  Through learning we discover different principles which we can take with us on our inquiries. We can adapt during our inquiries, but we should apply our principles as well. We also need to realize that other disciplines can teach us and we need to be open to them. We must understand our self and our drivers. We need to realize our intentions and know if we are trying to prove something or if we’re going to learn. We need to be aware and respect the people we’re studying. We should also understand that our presence influences them and they may want to take care of us. This will alter our experience. Inquiry is about dot gathering and connections.

I found her talk very informative and eye-opening. Some things she talked about I have been experiencing as I prepare to go on this field study. For instance, I have found that there is a lot I don’t know and that anthropology is very interesting and informative. I also learned from her that I need to study myself and find what my motives for this study are. Right now I think they are to have fun and learn about another culture and their food. But I need to search and find if maybe I have other intentions. I also need to realize that people will treat me differently while I’m there. Not only am I a blonde American, but I am a guest who is doing research. I need to learn how to react to being treated differently and realize how it may affect my study.

I have a lot of self-reflection to do.


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  1. Bonnie I loved this! I really enjoyed Vice President Roger’s lecture as well. I thought that there was so much of it that corresponded with Field Study ideas. I’m glad you were able to attend!

  2. I also enjoyed her lecture … it was the field study approach summed up in forty minutes (I wish we were better about talking through these ideas succinctly.) Anyway, it was a great opportunity to think through the overall attitudes we bring to the act of fieldwork, and to make sure those are in line with what can realistically be expected in cross-cultural inquiry.

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