This week we’ve been discussing reciprocity, which can be defined as a mutual exchange of commercial or other privileges. I think that reciprocity is a very important thing, mainly for immaterial things. It’s nice to give people things and even better to get things, but that’s not what reciprocity is all about. It’s about doing something thoughtful for someone. Or even just being nice and smiling. When we treat people like people it makes them feel good. It’s not always about us. And when people feel good, they want to be nice too. So then they could help us in return.

I think this will be very helpful in the field. If I can connect with people on their level where we can both appreciate each other as individuals, I think we’ll both get a lot out of it. I can learn more about them and find ways to help them. I can also tell them about myself so they don’t feel like I’m constantly asking them questions. This is what I’m going to focus on in order to gain entry into the community. I’m going to build friendly relationships. Then after a while perhaps they will feel comfortable enough to talk to me about my research project.


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  1. I love your thoughts on reciprocity. Kristen also had a great post on this topic. I commented on her post about whether appropriate reciprocity might be a state of being rather than a specific set of actions. I wonder if this is , at least partially, what you are referring to in your post? Any thoughts on this? Hop in on the conversation at Kristen’s blog if you like.

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