This morning I worked on my IRB proposal. I have to have my study approved by the IRB in order to use human subjects in my research. We’ve gone over many examples of IRB proposals in class and I feel like I know how one should be written. It needs to be highly specific.

While I was writing my proposal this morning I realized that it is hard to be utterly specific, mainly because I have so many variables that I am still unsure about. How many times am I going to interview someone? How long will these interviews be? Will I compensate the people who help me? Will they get any benefit from my study? Am I going to use a tape recorder? Can I find a locked box in India to keep all my notebooks confidential? I am talking to Jay (my facilitator) today about my proposal, so hopefully he can help me determine these answers.

I also emailed two people today who I’ve never met, asking for some help with my research. The first is a professor at Dartmouth College who wrote an article entitled “From Butter Tea to Pepsi: A Rapid Appraisal of Food Preferences, Procurement Sources & Dietary Diversity in a Contemporary Tibetan Township”. I found this article when I first started my research for this study, but I didn’t save it and I haven’t been able to find it since. I asked her if she could send me a PDF version or a link to a page that had it available. I also asked if she knew of any books/articles that I could read to help me prepare for my study. The second person is a professor here at BYU and teaches an Anthropology of Food class. I really wanted to take this class, but my class schedule this semester didn’t allow it. I asked him if he had any reading suggestions as well. I really hope they email me back. I’m nervous because I’ve never talked to them before, but maybe they’ll have some sympathy on me because I share their interest in Tibetans and food.


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  1. That sounds promising Bonnie! I hope that works out for you. That would be so fun take in the field!

    The IRB process can be tedious and specific, but it will all come together! Hang in there!

  2. Also, did you put your IRB proposal online? I can’t find it.

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