In class on Friday we did some workshopping with different methods. There were a few different options around the room. I chose to go to free listing/pile sorting and mapping.

Free listing seems like it will help me a lot with my research. I can ask different people to list some of the foods they ate in Tibet. And then I can ask them to list the foods they now eat in India. This is a nice and simple way to collect some good data. Pile sorting seems like it will be a little more difficult. I could make index cards with different foods on all of them and then ask them to sort them into groups. And these groups could be fruits, vegetables, Indian foods, Tibetan foods, fancy/ritual foods, “comfort” foods, etc. This could be an easy way to see how different people think. I could also see if they think similarly too.

The mapping group was also very informative. When I first thought of mapping all I could think about was physical maps and mind maps. But I learned that mapping is drawing anything and showing links and relationships. These relationships could be mental (like ideas) or familial or physical or social or many other things. I think it would be interesting to map how people get their food. Maybe I could have them draw me a map or chart of where they get all their food. I could even draw a map of the market. Or the town in reference to different restaurants and food sources. I could also have different people help me. This would help me build relationships with people and make a map at the same time.

I need to investigate more methods, but these are two that I like a lot.


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