On Friday we did a workshop to see how our project is developing so far. We made a big web with our question in the middle and other topics spreading out from it. We also tried to tie our sources to our different branched topics.

This is what mine looks like so far. The green and orange are what I already had in mind for my project with questions like what foods are available in India to Tibetans? How has acculturation affected what foods they prefer? What is the traditional Tibetan diet? The blue topics are ones that we discussed in class that I also need to pursue. These include what foods do the Tibetans eat out of the foods available to them? What is the cultural impact of their changing diet? Are they trying to preserve their culture through their diet? I’ve learned through some research and my exposure to the small Tibetan community in Salt Lake City that Tibetans want very much to preserve their culture. I think that food is a big part of culture. If their diet is changing then how is it affecting their culture? Do they think diet is a part of their culture? Are they doing anything to preserve their diet? These are subjects that I think are important to look into for my research. I should do more searches on how populations’ cultures have changed by their diet changing. I will have to focus on less scientific studies and more ethnographic studies.


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  1. I LOVE that you took a picture of your mapping! Way to take advantage of the features of blogs. It has so much more meaning if you can see the actual document. Pictures and photography enrich the process so much and make it much more visually interesting. Thank you for sharing!

    Also, while I was researching my topic I am across two sites that I thought might be useful to you. Maybe you have already looked through them, but if you are interested here they are. They are just on the library website.

    Critical Methods in Tibetan Medical Histories by Frances Garrett

    Mercury in Traditional Tibetan Medicine – Panacea or Problem?

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