More bibliography

Wandel, M. Raberg, M. Kumar, Bl Holmboe-Ottesen, G. Changes in food habits after migration among South Asians settled in Oslo: The effect of demographic, socio-eonomic and integration factors. Appetite, 2008, Vol. 50 (2-3), p. 376-385.

The researchers doing this study investigated the changes in food habits of South Asians after migrating to Norway. They found that after living in Norway for a time they had an increased consumption of meat, milk, butter, margarine and potatoes with a decrease in bean and lentil consumption. This relates to my study because their diet habits changed which is what I want to study among the Tibetan population.

Pereira, Carolina A.N. Larder, Nicolette. Somerset, Shawn. Food acquisition habits in a group of Afrian refugees recently settled in Australia. Health & Place. 16 (2010) 934-941.

This study observed African refugees in Australia to see where they acquired their food. They found that the first 12 months living in Australia were the most crucial for the refugees to become acquainted with the available stores. I want to study how the Tibetans find the food that they eat.

Franzen, Lisa. Smith, Chery. Acculturation and environmental change impacts dietary habits among adult Hmong. Appetite. Vol. 51, Issue 1, February 2009, p. 173-183.

This study researched how living in Minnesota has affected the Hmong population. They observed many factors, including acculturation, and their influence on dietary behavior, BMI, and health. They found that increased acculturation has negatively impacted the weight and health of Hmong adults. I want to see how acculturation has affected the Tibetan population, but I won’t be observing their nutritional status because I won’t have the right tools.

Sukalakamala, S. Brittin, H.C. Food practices, changes, preferences, and acculturation of Thais in the United States. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 2006. Vol. 106 (1), p. 103-108.

This study surveyed people born in Thailand who were living in the US for at least three months. They were asked questions about what foods they liked/ ate regularly. There was a significant positive trend linked to acculturation showing that they liked some American foods and did not like some Thai foods. This is related to  my study because I want to see how living in India has affected the Tibetan diet .



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