This afternoon we will start to really research our project questions as a group. While researching my question I plan to look for studies similar to what I want to do. I don’t think I’ll find many studies done on Tibetans and their diets. I believe I’ll have more luck if I look for studies done on other refugees that have had to adapt to living somewhere completely different.

While reading these studies I’m going to focus on what the researchers’ questions were and their methods. While the result is also important that is not what I’m going to focus on. I want to get an idea of how they performed their study. I hope that when I read the questions they wanted to ask I’ll be able to formulate some better questions of my own as well as ideas of how to gather data.

My project question is coming together very well. I’ve been thinking a lot of what exactly I want to find out while I’m living with Tibetans and I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to know if eating more vegetables since they’ve been in India has affected their health. Hopefully it’s affected their health for better, but it may have had another affect on them. I’m going to need to figure out what aspect of “health” to focus on because it is so broad and my resources are limited, but perhaps the studies I’ll start finding will help me achieve this.


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