McLeod Ganj seems to be becoming a new, smaller Tibet. Not only is the Tibetan government in exile in this town, but Tibetans continue to flock there to safety. But with so much Indian and Western influence, can the Tibetan culture survive? The older generation wants to save Tibet so they can move back there one day and be free again. But the younger generation seems to want to move away to the West. And when they do move to the West, what will become of their culture? The culture is already struggling to thrive in the younger generation because they don’t know Tibet. Most of them have lived their life in India. They just know what their parents and grandparents have taught them. They don’t really have a home country. So while they pass on the Tibetan culture to their children?

I will be going to study this changing culture. I wish to see how it has changed and how it has stayed the same, particularly with the foods they eat. I plan on doing this by immersing myself into their culture and living it every day for three months. I plan on asking many questions and observing as much as I can. I see this field study as a wonderful opportunity to study something intriguing and different than anything I’ve ever known.


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